Your Income and Bonuses

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Watkins rewards you when your efforts result in more families using Watkins products. There are three ways this can happen. You can:

1. Help other people obtain the products through retailing.
Selling Watkins products can result in immediate and ongoing profits, but those profits decrease immediately if you ever reduce your efforts.

2. Establish a group of Consultants through sponsoring.
Sponsoring can lead to long-term residual income that, once established,can continue even if you do reduce your efforts.

3. Order Watkins products for your own personal use.
Personal use of Watkins products lets you save with the Watkins Consultants' discount, and can help you qualify for bonus income. As you build your business through retailing or sponsoring, it can increase the overall discount you get on Watkins products for yourself.

What you choose to do with your business and which methods you use are entirely up to you. Full-time, part-time or hardly-ever-time, you have total freedom to choose the amount of effort you wish to expend. Regardless of the amount of time you spend, consistent efforts can lead to a significant income (even on a part-time basis)but you won't earn anything if you don't do anything.

As a member of the Watkins home-based business team, you can choose any of the following activities for building your business. Our training web site is filled with tips for succeeding with all these methods.

home-based business methods
Watkins home-based business methods

* See Step 4 of the tour for more details on how you earn money with Watkins.


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